January 22

Anastasius was a Persian by birth. His pagan name was Magundat. When Emperor Heraclius fought against the Persians, Magundat deserted to the Christians and went to Jerusalem, where he was baptized and received the name Anastasius. It was not enough for him to be baptized, but in order to give himself completely to serving the Lord, he was also tonsured a monk. Among his other ascetic labors, Anastasius joyfully read the hagiography of the holy martyrs, and in reading them, he moistened the book with his tears and ardently yearned for martyrdom. The Lord finally crowned him with a martyr’s wreath. In prison for a long time, he was cruelly tortured, until Emperor Chozroes pronounced the death sentence. Anastasius was then drowned, and, after removing him from the water, the executioner beheaded him and sent his head to the emperor. He suffered on January 22, 628, in the town of Bethsaloe near Nineveh.

Source: St. Nikolai Velimirovic, The Prologue of Ohrid – Volume One.

Kontakion of Saint Anastasius

With hymns let us, the faithful, sing Timothy’s praises as Paul’s divine disciple and faithful companion; with him let us also laud Anastasius the godly-wise, who shone forth with splendor like a star out of Persia and doth drive away from us our bodily sickness and spiritual maladies.