Titus was one of the Seventy. He was born in Crete and was educated in Greek philosophy and poetry. Following a vision in a dream, he began reading the Prophet Isaiah and lost his faith in Hellenic philosophy. Hearing of Christ the Lord, Titus traveled to Jerusalem with other Cretans, and there he heard the Savior speak and witnessed His mighty acts. He gave his young heart completely to Christ. Later he was baptized by the Apostle Paul, whom he served, like a son to a father, in the work of evangelization. Paul loved Titus so much that he referred to him at times as his son (cf. Titus 1:4) and at times as his brother (cf. II Corinthian 12:18). Titus traveled extensively with the great apostle, and Paul appointed him Bishop of Crete. Titus was present at Paul’s suffering and death in Rome, and honorably buried the body of his teacher and spiritual father. Afterward Titus returned to Crete, where with great success he baptized the pagans, and where he prudently governed the Church of God until old age. Titus entered into rest at the age of ninety-four.

Source: St. Nikolai Velimirovic, The Prologue of Ohrid – Volume Two.


O yoke-mate of Paul, together with him, thou didst preach the tidings to us of saving grace bestowed of God, O Apostle Titus, blest and elect revealer of mysteries; for which cause we cry out to thee: Cease not to entreat Christ God for all of us.