Paraskevi was born in Rome of Christian parents, and from her youth was instructed in the Faith of Christ. With great fervor, St. Paraskevi endeavored to fulfill all the commandments of God. Believing firmly and living according to her faith, Paraskevi directed others on the path of salvation and in the pious life. When her parents died, Paraskevi distributed all of her property to the poor, and was tonsured a nun. As a nun, she preached the Christian Faith with an even greater zeal, not hiding from anyone, even though at that time the Roman authorities were conducting a bloody persecution against the Christian Faith. Then the pernicious Jews denounced St. Paraskevi for preaching a forbidden faith and she was brought to trial before Emperor Antoninus. All the flatteries of the emperor did not shake the faith of this handmaiden of God. They then subjected her to torture by fire, and placed a red-hot helmet on her head. The Lord miraculously saved her, and Paraskevi was freed, and left Rome. She continued traveling from city to city to convert pagans to the true Faith. She was brought before princes and judges in two more cities, and was tortured for her Lord, at which time she worked great miracles and, by the power of God, quickly recovered from her pains and wounds. The pagans, as always, ascribed her miracles to magic and her swift recoveries to the mercy of their gods. St. Paraskevi once said to the prince who was torturing her: “O Prince, it is not your gods who have healed me, but my Christ, the true God.” Finally, a certain Prince Tarasius beheaded her with the sword. Thus, this saint gloriously ended her fruitful life. Her relics were later translated to Constantinople. She suffered honorably for Christ in the second century.

Source: St. Nikolai Velimirovic, The Prologue of Ohrid – Volume Two.


Appropriate to your calling, O Champion Paraskevi, you worshipped with the readiness your name bears. For an abode you obtained faith, which is your namesake. Wherefore, you pour forth healing and intercede for our souls.