Sacramental Offices and Blessings

Prayers on Childbearing

  • On the day of birth
  • On naming of child
  • On the 40 days
  • On miscarriage

Service at the Adoption of Children

Holy Baptism

  • The service of catechism
  • The service of baptism
  • The prayer of Chrismation
  • Katavasias of the Cross
  • Katavasias of Pascha
  • Clinical baptism
  • Service of Confirmation of other Christians

Betrothal and Marriage

  • The service of betrothal
  • The service of crowning
  • The order of second marriage

Holy Confession

  • The service of penance
  • Prayers of forgiveness
  • Prayer on the lifting of penances

The Office of Holy Unction (for the home)

Service on the Visitation of the Sick

  • A prayer for the sick
  • A prayer for all illnesses
  • A prayer before an operation
  • A prayer after an operation
  • A prayer for those suffering from old age or incurable illness
  • The confession and communion of the sick

Prayers when the Priest Crosses with the Lance

Prayer Against the Evil Eye


On the Passing Away of a Faithful

  • Prayer for the separation of the soul from the body
  • Trisagion for the dead
  • Trisagion for Memorial Saturdays
  • The funeral service
  • Prayers for the forgiveness of every curse and aphorism (said by a Bishop)
  • Another prayer by a Bishop
  • Prayer by a Bishop for a departed Priest
  • At the graveside: Trisagion and burial
  • The Trisagion and funeral service during Bright Week
  • The Trisagion and funeral service for children
  • The funeral service for children during Bright Week

The Service of Artoklasia

Various Services

  • On the beginning and ending of Greek and Sunday school classes
  • Blessing of new homes
  • Blessing homes at the Epiphany
  • On the beginning of any business undertaking
  • On the laying of the foundations of any building
  • Service at an information engagement (no vestments)
  • Service for wedding anniversary

Various Prayers

  • The first of the year
  • The blessing of Palms
  • The blessing of eggs
  • The 25th of March
  • The 28th of October
  • The blessing of animals (of St. Modestos)
  • Against bad weather
  • Against depression
  • The blessing of Grapes (August 6th)
  • The blessing of a vehicle
  • A prayer for child-bearing

The Service of the Lesser Sanctification of the Water

Source: The Priest’s Service Book by Father Evagoras Constantinides