Saints Peter and Paul the Holy Apostles 2017

Unlearned and learned, but equal in spirit,
And as strong as angels in the love of God,
Peter a simple man, Paul educated,
Both were illumined by the grace of the Spirit.
Two flaming candles, unquenchable candles,
Towering and beautiful, two brilliant starts.
They traversed the earth and spread the light.
Nothing did they take, but to men they gave all;
They were utterly poor, but enriched the world;
They were prisoners and servants, but conquered the whole world.
With the teaching of Christ they enriched the world;
With new weapons they conquered the whole world:
With humility and peace and blessed meekness,
With prayer and fasting and powerful mercy.
When their stormy day passed into stormy night,
Bloodthirsty Nero cut short their lives.
But when Nero, the ruler of the world, issued a command,
Giving Peter and Paul over to suffering,
The world was theirs and no longer Nero’s;
By death the apostles gained the Kingdom.

By St. Nikolai Velimirovic