January 3

Chronologically, Malachi was the last of the prophets. He was born after the return of the Hebrews from the Babylonian Captivity in 538 B.C. He was unusually handsome in countenance. According to tradition, the people called him an angel, perhaps because of his external beauty or because of his spiritual purity, or even perhaps because of his association with an angel of God. On many occasions he spoke face to face with an angel. When this occurred, others heard the angel’s voice, but they were not worthy to see the face of the angel. The young Malachi prophesied that which the angel proclaimed. He cried out against ungrateful Israel and against the lawless priests. Five hundred years before Christ, Malachi clearly prophesied the coming and the mission of John the Baptist (Malachi 3:1). But he is chiefly the prophet of the day of the Dread Judgment. He reposed in the Lord while still young. Following him, there were no more prophets in Israel until John the Baptist.

Source: St. Nikolai Velimirovic, The Prologue of Ohrid – Volume One.