Who are you?

Holy Friday. Filled with sadness. Full of anticipation.

Holy Friday. A time for prayer, and for fresh air.

An outdoor procession of the faithful, internal communion with the Creator.

Holy Friday. People from around the world come together, connected by Christ.

In Constantinople, Queen of Cities, establish communion and conquer the Devil.

In Constantinople, they ask, why did you come here, where are you from?

Byzantium is abolished, yet always alive.

I am here, inheritor of Tradition.

Holy Friday. In Constantinople. I am here, sanctified by The City.

The descendent of dignity and grandeur. The descendent of humility and resilience.

Constantinople always changes, yet remains the same.

Who am I? This is who I am.

A Phanarion, full of life.

The great lighthouse of Orthodoxy is never extinguished.

Holy Friday. The timeless, inexpressible hymns of the faith.

The same hymns of yesteryear, but somehow different here.

At the Phanar, the whispers of holy hierarchs and martyrs infuse the air.

This is who I am. The continuation of Constantinople.

The incense rises and my heart is filled.

The Patriarch speaks, and my soul is soothed.

Holy Friday. The gateway to Golgotha.

Holy Friday. The promise of Paradise.

This is who I am.

Orthodox. Constantinopolitan. Eternal.

Written by Archon Ostiarios Evagelos Sotiropoulos.
Inspired by someone who lived and experienced Holy Friday at the Phanar in 2019.