Holy Apostle Philip of the SeventyOctober 11

Saint Philip was born at Caesarea in Palestine. He was married, and had four daughters who consecrated their virginity to God and were given the gift of prophecy (Acts 21:8). The Apostles ordained him deacon at the same time as Stephen (Acts 6), to assist in the service of tables and in charitable works. When the Apostolic college dispersed to proclaim the Gospel, Philip spread the Glad Tidings of Salvation throughout Samaria. He baptized Simon the magician who feigned conversion in the hope of making money by the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Then the Lord sent him along the Gaza road to the minister of the Ethiopian Queen Candace, as he travelled south from Jerusalem in his chariot, reading the prophecy of Isaiah. Philip gave him the key to the mysterious words of the Prophet about the Saviour, baptized him and was caught away by the Spirit to continue his preaching at Azotus. From there he evangelized all the cities through which he passed till he came to Caesarea (Acts 8). After that, he made his way to the province of Trallia in Asia Minor. There he led a great many pagans to the knowledge of God, built a church, and fell asleep in peace.

Source: The Synaxarion: The Lives of the Saints of the Orthodox Church. Volume One, Introduction, September, October. Holy Convent of The Annunciation of Our Lady, Ormylia (Chalkidike), 1998.


O Holy Apostle Philip, intercede to our merciful God, that He may grant our souls forgiveness of sins.


Since thou wast enlightened by the Holy Spirit, thou enlightenest the earth and all its fullness with the beams of thy wise teachings and miracles, Apostle Philip, thou sacred initiate.