Fathers of the First Ecumenical CouncilFrom the first century, there have been people that try and distort the Truth of Jesus Christ. These people, called heretics, usually tried to make Jesus so divine that He was not a human, or that He was so human, He could never be divine. We know that Jesus is both God and Man. He was Perfect God, because only God could save us from our sins. No human could do that, because they are just as sinful as us. We know that He was also Perfect Man because God decided to have a personal relationship with humanity. He was hungry, He wept, He rejoiced. The only difference is that He did not sin. So, it is important to remember that Jesus was just like you and I. We can be like Him, if we choose to follow His Commandments. Today, we commemorate the Holy Fathers of the First Ecumenical Council, which took place in 325 in the ancient city of Nicaea. The Fathers were called by the Emperor Constantine to discuss various issues, among them being the date of Pascha and the heresy of Arianism. Arius was a priest in Alexandria and said that Jesus (the “Son”) was lesser in divinity than the Father. This, we know, is false. This Synod developed the first part of the Creed that we have today (the beginning to “and I believe in the Holy Spirit”) and condemned the teachings of Arius as heresy. We celebrate the victory of Orthodoxy today.


You are greatly glorified, O Christ our God, who established our Fathers as luminaries upon the earth, and through them led us all to the true Faith. O Most compassionate, glory to You.