Ascension (6th Thursday after Pascha)

How the Lord, blessing His disciples, was raised above the earth and borne to heaven and how the disciples watched Him as He ascended until a cloud hid Him from their sight.

How all the gravitational forces on earth were unable to keep the body of the Lord from ascending.

How, by His Ascension, the Lord showed Himself to be above the laws of nature.

How two angels appeared to the disciples while they were still gazing after the ascended Lord and how the angels proclaimed that the Lord would come again in the same manner as the disciples saw Him ascending into heaven.

How the disciples worshiped Him and how they returned to Jerusalem with great joy.

How He began His saving work on earth as an ordinary humble worker.

How He completed His saving work by His miraculous and glorious Ascension into heaven.

How, by His Ascension, He manifested His Divine Nature and His Divine Might.

How, by His Ascension into heaven, He reveals to man that there exists a better, loftier world and life: a heavenly world and heavenly life.

How, by His Ascension, He signified the triumphant completion of His entire work on earth in the course of some thirty-three years.

How, by His Ascension, He teaches us that we should direct all of our aspirations toward heaven and not toward earth.

How he first resurrected bodily and then ascended bodily.

How after death the souls of righteous men first ascend into heaven while the body awaits the general resurrection, general transfiguration and general ascension.

St. Nikolai Velimirovic, The Prologue of Ohrid – Volume One