249-51 Persecution by the Emperor Decius.
c. 251 Anthony the Great born.
c. 292 Pachomius born.
303 Edict of Persecution
c. 315 Amoun begins his monastic life.
c. 320 Pachomius founds a community at Tabennisi.
324 Constantine sole emperor.
325 Council of Nicea.
328 Athanasius, Archbishop of Alexandria.
c. 330 The two Macarii in Egypt.
337 Death of Constantine, as a Christian.
c. 340 Floruit Pambo in Scetis.

The foundation of the Cells.

Also in Egypt: Sisoes, John the Dwarf, Paphnutius, Isidore the Priest, Pior, Carion and hi son Zacharias.

c. 343 Rufinus and Jerome born.
346 Death of Pachomius.
356 Death of Anthony. Sisoes settles on the Mountain of Anthony sometime later.
357 Athanasius writes the Life of Anthony.
361 Julian the Apostate, Emperor.
362 Athanasius exiled.
367 Epiphanius, bishop in Cyprus.
370 Basil, Bishop of Caesarea, writes his Rules.
373 Death of Athanasius.
373-5 Rufinus and Melania visit Egypt.

Death of Pambo.

376 Euthymius born.
379 Death of Basil.
381 Council of Constantinople.
383 Evagrius in Nitria and at the Cells.
385 Jerome in Bethlehem.
c. 390 Death of Macarius the Egyptian.
391 Destruction of pagan temples. Floruit John of Lycopolis.
394 Arsenius to Scetis.
398 John Chrysostom, Bishop of Constantinople.
399 Death of Evagrius. Archbishop Theophilus opposes Anthropomorphism and condemns Origenism.
400 John Cassian in Constantinople.
407-8 First devastation of Scetis, Moses and his Companions killed.

Poemen and his brothers, Joseph, Theodore, Agathon, etc. leave Scetis.

407 Death of John Chrysostom.

At Gaza, Silvanus with Mark the Calligrapher, makes a settlement.

At Enaton, Lucius, Lot and Longinus.

410 Sack of Rome by Alaric.
c. 412 Rufinus’ Version of the History of the Monks of Egypt complete.

Death of Rufinus.

419-20 Palladius’ Lausiac History written.
421-6 Cassian writes the Institutes and Conferences.
431 Council of Ephesus.
434 Second devastation of Scetis.

Arsenius goes to Troe.

c. 439 Saba born.
449 Death of Arsenius.
451 Council of Chalcedon.
455 Sack of Rome by the Vandals.
459 Death of Simeon Stylites.

Daniel becomes a Stylite.

c. 480 Birth of St. Benedict of Nursia
 Source: The Sayings of the Desert Fathers